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Simon Wilson, MA, PG Cert Clin Sup, Reg UKCP, AccCOSRT

Welcome to my website, I hope this information is useful in deciding if I could be the right therapist for you.

I care deeply about upholding the values of my profession, to be a clinician and a role model who 'practises what he preaches'. To this end I have engaged in ongoing personal individual therapy and reflective space for 15 years. I strongly believe that a therapist undertaking their own personal therapy at a sufficient duration and depth will enhance safety and psychological containment for whatever their clients' may bring.

There are many different types of therapy and 'specialisms', this to me is a contentious issue as our profession is unregulated. Claims can be made by clinicians that are entirely legal but potentially misleading. Therefore, any specialisms I work with are supported by a full clinical training, rather than a short professional development workshop or self directed study.

I am passionate about professional development and learning about the diverse aspects of human psychology and psychotherapy, hence my multiple trainings and role in higher education. Although there are key differences in the different types of therapy, as I progress through my clinical career, I see more the similarities than differences. Therefore, I often integrate different therapy styles and techniques to support the unique and individual experiences of my clients. 

Although I work with many different types of emotional and psychological challenges, the theme that underpins much of work is treating psychological trauma. It is often our early developmental experiences that create the template for our adult challenges. Whilst therapy may not need to work directly with historical or developmental experiences, it is vitally important the therapy work be attuned to the impact these may have had. In therapy we consider the pressure past experiences may currently exert and what unresolved experiences, stuck points or patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving need to be worked through and resolved, where possible.

Specifically I am trained and experienced in the following:

Individual and Group Psychotherapy

 My work with individuals and groups is mostly long term and open ended therapy at psychological depth. My long term clients present with developmental trauma, relational or sexual issues, addictions, personality disorders and varying degrees of anxiety and depression.

My initial training for individual and group therapy was four years via a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Therapy and a Masters degree in Psychotherapy. I have ten years clinical experience working with individuals and couples along with 2000 hours experience delivering psychotherapy groups for inpatients and day-patients. For my ongoing  professional development I am currently undertaking an 18-month Intermediate Group Analysis training via the Centre for Group Analytic Studies in Cape Town.

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy

My private practice includes a significant amount of relationship and psychosexual work. To treat this client group I undertook three years additional specialist training via a Transpersonal Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma and a Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy. I am COSRT accredited  with six years experience teaching Psychosexual students at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. I am currently the 2nd year lecturer on the COSRT accredited MSc Psychosexual Therapy, validated  by the University of Hull. I am also an active member of the British Society of Sexual Medicine (BSSM).


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is the NICE recommended gold standard treatment for emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), formerly known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The DBT programme is designed for patients with enduring and often high risk problem behaviours. DBT has also been adapted to work both with addiction and psychological trauma.

I undertook a full foundation and extended training in all four core DBT skills: Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Distress Tolerance.

Along with managing a 20 week DBT programme in a psychiatric hospital I was also part of the clinical programme, delivering the full range of DBT interventions: skills groups, one to one DBT and in-between session coaching. My two years experience in the DBT programme included weekly attendance at a DBT consult, ensuring fidelity and adherence to the DBT model, often managing high risk and challenging patient presentations. 

I currently teach introductory DBT as part of my lecturer role on the BA (Hons) Integrative Counselling, validated by the University of Hull. I continue to be DBT informed in all my clinical work and incorporate DBT skills into my one to one and relationship therapy to support emotional regulation. This is especially helpful where there are complex or co-morbid issues such as substance misuses, compulsions and post traumatic stress.  


I trained in the US, and I am currently completing the Beck CBT Clinical Certification Programme providing short term intensive treatment for anxiety, depression, personality disorder and trauma using CBT.

Trauma Therapy - I have undertaken continuing professional development and training in 3rd wave CBT therapies for treating trauma: Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure for PTSD (both NICE guideline recommended). I work with survivors of violence and sexual assault, people diagnosed with PTSD or couples and partners of someone impacted by psychological trauma. 

Addiction Therapy 

Ten years clinical experience working with individuals with addiction and ,couples, groups, partners and family members of addicts in rehabs, detox centres, inpatient settings, day hospital, outpatient and private practice. Previous roles includes Senior Addiction Therapist and Addiction Treatment Programme Manager for the Priory, often working with high net worth individuals or those who have the added complexity of working in high profile roles in the public eye.

My previous work experience includes Therapy Services Manager at The Priory Hospital in North London, where I was responsible for the therapy provision for all inpatient, outpatient and day patients across four services: General Psychiatry, Addiction Treatment, OCD Complex Obsessional Disorders and CAMHS. You can view my full employment history via my LinkedIn page.

My primary training was in Gestalt therapy, meaning I focus on the therapeutic relationship we create and systemic issues the client is experiencing. However, my therapy work is informed by my study of psychoanalytic theories (especially attachment and Kleinian theory) and by the psychoanalytic clinical supervision and psychosexual supervision I regularly receive.

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