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Common Queries

Have a question you’d like to ask? I’m committed to giving patients the best care and experience I can. There’s no such thing as a bad question when it comes to mental health. Check out the answers to the FAQs below, and please get in touch if your question isn't answered.

Do you offer low cost or sliding scale rates? How do I access treatment if I have limited finances?

For those seeking low cost therapy I can offer a referral to senior trainees who receive regular external clinical supervision and are managed by myself and their training institute.

I offer a small number of low cost places on a sliding scale starting at £50 per session. However, these are often in great demand and fully booked. I currently have a waitlist of 2-3 months for low cost one to one appointments. 

There are so many different therapies and regulating bodies, how do I choose the right therapist for me?

The therapeutic field is complex and can be confusing to understand. Some professions in mental health are legally protected terms like Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist. However, anyone in the UK, with or without training, can advertise themselves as a Counsellor or Psychotherapist, whist this wouldn't be illegal it would be unethical. 

As the titles Psychotherapist, Therapist and Counsellor are not legally protected or regulated, it is important for anyone looking for support to check their therapist's credentials. The therapist should be a member of a governing body, with a clear complaints process, be transparent about their level of training and the type of therapy they provide. 

I have an MA in Psychotherapy and additional clinical training in CBT, DBT, Relationship Therapy and Addiction Therapy. Many qualified and regulated therapists may advertise that they provide specialist therapy. If you are looking for help with very specific symptoms or problems, it may also be useful to check if the therapist you choose has received full additional training (not just short workshops or self study courses). Also ask how much clinical experience they have working in the specialist area you need support with.  

How do I book appointments with you?

Many clients have expressed a need for easily accessible services and fast responses to their emails or appointment requests. To meet this need I have set up a self-service system using a highly encrypted and confidential platform Cliniko. This allows you to see the available appointments in my diary via my website and to book, cancel or amend your appointment to suit you.

How is your therapy regulated?

I have been in practice for ten years and I am trained to masters level in clinical therapy (not an academic course but a clinical training that required clinical placement and clinical supervision).

As I have multiple trainings I have multiple governing bodies, the main one being the UKCP.

Also, where I offer specialist therapy I have completed a full clinical training, not just a brief continuing professional development workshop. For example, my psychotherapy training was four years, I have undertaken additional three years training in working with couples and psychosexual themes, a full ten day training in DBT, a level 5 diploma in working with addiction and I am currently completing CBT certification with the Beck Institute in the US.

I also exceed the requirement for clinical supervision (which is 90 minutes per months) as I undertake weekly general clinical supervision and weekly relationship / psychosexual supervision. I also exceed the requirement for ongoing professional development and am currently undertaking a DProf (Professional Doctorate) in Psychological Trauma.

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