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Psychotherapeutic Services

Therapy takes place in Waltham Cross, or Harley Street and online via Zoom. Below is information about the individual, relationship and group therapy that I offer. Also, due to the diverse training I have received I can offer specialist therapy for specific symptoms and diagnoses such as addiction, anxiety, compulsive behaviours, depression, psychosexual issues, relationship problems, personality disorders and trauma / ptsd, along with self harm and suicidal behaviours.

White Chair

Individual Therapy

Short term focussed or longer term and open ended therapy

Holding Hands

Realtionship Therapy

For all types of relationship issues, and sexual concerns

Group Therapy

Men's Psychotherapy, DBT Skills and Trauma Support Groups

Empty Chairs

Specialist Therapy

Addiction, Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, Psychosexual issues, Trauma Therapy and DBT

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